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FLAMING OATS™ Premium Packaged Savory Oatmeal

know your worth.

Hey y'all!    

Brace yourselves for the ultimate breakfast, lunch and dinner rebellion: spicy, salty, creamy, chewy FLAMING OATS™ packaged premium savory oatmeal!    

This ain't your grandma's oatmeal – it's a mouthwatering, unique experience of flavor and nutrient-packed goodness for satisfying your savory craving.   

Some may even think it's a bit uncivilized.  

And for that, FLAMING OATS™ ain't for everyone (sorry, not sorry).  

Just the rule-breakers who live outside of the box. Who boldly pursue their dreams. Who know their worth. 

We've taken the traditional oatmeal game and given it a swift kick in the ass!  ...umm, we mean taste buds!  

Get ready for the smack of smoky Chipotle Garlic, the tangy heat of Aleppo Pepper Za'atar, the tomato-y boldness of Spicy Italian, and the sexy creamy indulgence of the mild one — Cheezy Chive.   

Are you now thinking, wait, what? Packaged savory oatmeal? We hope so!  

These delectables will have your senses tingling with delight. This ain't no slimy watered-down, beige nonsense – it's a flavor explosion that'll leave you wanting to high-five the universe!   But hold up, my fellow disruptors. We didn't stop there.    

FLAMING OATS™ packaged premium savory oatmeal is not just rebelliously tasty; it's also a plant-based powerhouse that'll give you the nutrient-dense protein punch you crave.    

A nutritious vegan meal even meat-eaters love to fill up on!   With high B vitamins, high fiber, high magnesium, high iron and a whopping 21 grams of plant-based protein in each serving.   

You'll be flexing those muscles and flipping the bird to anyone who dares question your breakfast, lunch or dinner choices.  

Yeah, nutrients you deserve, so go ahead, flip two birds! 


And another thing, this isn't just about breaking the rules – it's about being conscious of what you put in your body.      

These savagely delicious oats are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and nutrients that'll have you feeling like a superhero on a meal mission.   

It's time to rebel against blandness and embrace the badass nutrition that'll fuel your day and night with a vengeance!   

FLAMING OATS™ packaged premium savory oatmeal brings the heat, the smoke, and the receipts.   

No more settling for boring, tasteless breakfast, lunch or dinner rituals.   

FLAMING OATS™ packaged premium savory oatmeal is here to disrupt the mundane and inject some fun into your meal routine.    

Each bite is an adventure, a thrill, a slap to the face of mediocrity.   

It's breakfast with attitude, served up spicy & hot ready to rock your world.   

It's an energetic lunch just dying to be unleashed from its cubicle or travel bag once you've reached your destination.   

It's dinner that's so fast and satisfying you just may want to head out for cocktails afterward.   

So, if you're a conscious warrior who refuses to conform to the pale, the junk, and the boring, it's time to step up your nutrition game and break the rules.    

Join the FO rebellion, grab your spoon, and dive mouth first into the surprising flavor, nutrition, and unruly deliciousness.    

FLAMING OATS™ packaged premium savory oatmeal – for those who dare to defy the status quo.   

Savory, not sweet — daring, not boring. It’s oatmeal for the wild ones!


FLAMING OATS™, vegan high-protein meal packs, is passionately dedicated to exciting palates while nourishing bodies with nutrient-dense plant-based savory oatmeal, for health-conscious people, and rule-breakers who prefer savory over sweet.